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Exogen Biotechnology is a health startup aimed at developing cutting-edge technologies for organizations and research institutions to monitor DNA damage and to assess DNA repair capacities in a clinical setting.

I was brought in to develop a sample testing kit so that customers can provide samples to enable rapid processing of tissue specimens and to make testing services affordable and accessible to the public. This process required an understanding of the rigors of shipping very sensitive bio material, creating an attractive and durable package to withstand that environment and guiding the client so that they can make the best decision for their budget and timeline. The images that you see show a small sliver of that process and the end result.

Allen + Roth is a proprietary brand of the Lowes Home Improvement Corporation. While working at Gatco we were tasked with sub-contracting not only the design of the core family of products but also it’s accompanying packaging scheme and production. This particular section focuses on just the visual representation of the packaging. There was a total of 23 pieces in their family of products.

This project was particularly fun. As I was exiting GATCO I was tasked to use unlimited artistic license to create a new line of package design for one of the company’s best-selling product’s. I made a series of 7 schemes but the one shown was one of my favorites.

Up to that point it was common to show the product in its natural environment as the primary shot. My thought was to completely focus the image on the product in a very dramatic way making it that the primary image and not the placement shot.