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This sketch exercise is meant to offer a concept that not only marks the 50th anniversary of America’s original pony car but is also an evolution to a more focused thoroughbred. This is communicated through aggressive exterior styling meant to set it apart from its competitors. The concept sports a modern look but has traits found in all mustang lineage. The proportions are classic pony car, with a long hood and short deck that sit fore and aft of a traditional greenhouse.  What is shown here is a pure descendent of the first pony meant to carry on the heritage to either road or track.

This is a modern interpretation of one of the most beautiful cars of all time. The Ferrari California Spyder was a special line of vehicles based upon the 250 platform/chassis and designed for export to America. The Spyder was offered from 1957 to 1961. Aluminum was used in the hood, doors, and trunk lid, with steel specified elsewhere for most models, though a few aluminum-bodied racing versions were also built.Read more...